How to choose shower for bathroom decoration?
  • Date:2023-08-23
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The quality of the shower head is good or bad, you can't just look at it, but also ask the seller the material of the switch spool and the age of use. Next, I will share with you how to choose a shower for bathroom decoration.

Look at the spool
The valve core is like an important organ of the shower head. The adjustment of the rotation, pressure and flow of the shower head is generally achieved by the valve core. Indirectly affects the length of the adoption time and the comfortable experience of adoption.
Spools want to buy ceramic spools. Look at the hardness of the ceramics. If the spools are not smooth and wear-resistant, don't buy them.

Look at the plating
Because the toilet environment is more damp, the shower heads often used may rust and be aesthetically involved. However, the difference in chromium electroplating process for pipe bodies of different materials is particularly great. A good tube body is made of all-copper material, and the surface layer should be polished, polished, dust-removed, nickel-plated, chrome-plated, etc., to ensure that it will not become black and blistering during use. Normally, from the shower From the surface layer, the brighter and more delicate it can be seen by naked eyes, the better the electroplating process is.

See the spray effect of the nozzle
It is to see whether the water sprayed by the water sprinklers from each hole is even, and the sprinklers have good water spraying effects, and the amount of water distributed in each hole position is generally balanced, even if it is the smallest hole position.

Look at the sprinkler spraying method
Due to the difference in internal build, the spraying method of the shower nozzle is also different. The basic hand shower also has the functions of lasing and massage, and a variety of spraying methods can bring a deeper shower experience.

Looking at the four specific aspects, you can generally know the surface technology, service life, function and effect of the shower. Kaiping Dongsheng Sanitary Ware Industry Co., Ltd. produces towel racks, clothes hooks, soap dishes, toilet brush holders, tissue holders, cup holders, bathroom racks and other products. Large manufacturers have quality assurance. If you need to purchase bathroom accessories and other products, Please contact our company and look forward to cooperating with you happily.


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