About hesl

Open high end bathroom design.

Originated from the intellectual soul of Bach family, the exquisite design of designer John Bird and silk cocoon peeling create Hessen's unique craftsmanship. Hesen is committed to creating the craftsman quality and service concept of "bath see intelligent ideal life and user first". Focus on high-end constant temperature concealed shower, concealed basin, floor and cylinder side faucet and other hardware bathroom products. Choosing German (hesl) is not only a reassuring choice, but also an eternal choice.

Advanced equipment

Product quality

Innovative design

We are always committed to promoting the quality of bathroom products and making users enjoy a healthy and comfortable life.

brand vision

Become the favorite bathroom brand of the owner

Brand mission

Become the favorite bathroom brand of the owner

Core values

Honesty: honesty is the foundation of business, the basic rule of life, the criterion of living in the world, and also a virtue and quality.